8 Best Central Heating System for your Home | Which and Why

Selecting the Best Central Heating System for your Home is the first step towards energy conservation. Every year, your house heating bills bring to your sad surprises. Traditional boiler home heating systems are not extremely efficient. Hence, not the perfect choice for your home! If you want the heating bills of your house to be within reasonable limits, then you should choose a home-heating unit that offers great service and amazing efficiency. Here are all the options you have at your disposal to choose from-

Best Central Heating System for home

Best Central Heating System for your Home

Combination Boilers-

A lot of people believe that combination boilers are the Best Central Heating System for your Home. It is, in fact, one of the most popular central heating systems in use today. A lot of the heating units installed lately are the combination type. This system neither needs hot water cylinders nor cold-water storage tanks, and that is why they may be rendered one of the most compact varieties. Whether it’s a small or a big house, a combination boiler serves the heating purpose well. And there are so many varieties available in the market that you can easily choose one according to your heating requirements and the size of the house you live in.

Open vent boilers-

Open vent boilers can be effectively used as a home’s central heating system. The best thing about these boilers is that they are extremely compact as they don’t require a separate water storage tank, because of which they also consume very little space. Open-vented heat systems that are conventionally used are well complemented by this variety of boilers. Different manufacturers have released different open-vented boilers in the market with different specifications and heat outputs. So, you can choose one according to your requirements.

System boilers-

System boilers are also an amazing choice for your house’s central heating system. The reason why some people consider this the Best Central Heating System for your Home is that it not just caters to your hot water needs but also the needs linked to house heating. It requires a storage cylinder to be operable, which is often placed in an airing cupboard. Like the other two varieties we have already mentioned, this variety is compact because it’s devoid of a water storage tank. And that is why it doesn’t take up a lot of unnecessary space.

Boilers are not the only criterion on the basis of which heating systems are categorized, they may also be categorized as follows-

Water Circulation-

This type of heating system is a rage in European countries. In one of the rooms of the house, water is heated, and this hot water is then taken to other rooms with the help of wall panels. The water is pushed using dedicated pumps. The wall panels used to transmit some heat to the surrounding because of which the interior space gets warmed up.

Electric Resistance Heating-

This heating system uses electricity to operate. There is a warming unit in the system that runs with the help of electricity. When electricity is supplied to this unit, it releases heat. This heat then reaches to all the rooms in the house with the help of a ventilation system. Because it runs with the help of electricity, a cross-section of people calls it the Best Central Heating System for your Home.

Steam Boilers-

This is a conventional heating unit that makes use of gas or oil as a fuel. This fuel is used to heat water present in a tank. The vapor from the heated water then flows to all the rooms through pipes and goes on heating the rooms that it travels through by disseminating some of its heat. This heat warms up the house.

Active Solar Heating-

This is the Best Central Heating System for your Home if you want to cut down on your energy bills. Solar energy is renewable, so, it doesn’t add to your power bills. But for this heating unit to be up and running, you need specialized solar panels that capture sunlight. This captured energy is then used to heat up the air inside an interior space.

Gravity Fed Central Heating System-

This is a heating system that follows a mechanism similar to steam units. Water inside a tank is heated with the help of some ignited fuel. This water then travels to different parts of the house with the help of a network of pipes. As this hot water releases some of its heat while traveling through the rooms, the rooms get heated up. The cooled down water reaches the boiler again, where it is heated up for a second trip around the house.

There are numerous things that you need to keep in mind while choosing a central heating unit. Some of the most important factors to consider are efficiency, cost, storage, size of the house, heat output etc. Although there are many different types of heating systems available, you must choose one according to your needs.