Electric Central Heating vs. Gas Central Heating| Which is Cheaper?

While man’s basic necessities are food, cloth, and shelter, another basic need of ours is a perfect heating system. Keeping our homes warm is as important as having a roof over us. Gas central heating and electric central heating systems are most popular in the country. But how much do you know about electric central heating vs. gas central heating?

We often come across this question that which is better and cheaper- Gas central heating or electric central heating? Like every coin has two sides, these two systems, too, have their own pros and cons. If you are looking for the best central heating system for your home, then it’s very important for you to know everything about these systems.

Electric Central Heating vs. Gas Central Heating

As the prices of fuels are increasing, many people are finding it difficult to manage their energy bills. The best central heating system is that which reduces your energy bill and also the environmental problems. Read this section of electric central heating vs. gas central heating and think for yourself.

  • While gas central heating is not as efficient as electric central heating, there is a whole other side to this picture.
  • Electric central heating is relatively cheaper to install than the gas central heating systems. However, you may find out later that operating electric heating system costs more than the gas heating system.
  • For gas central heating systems you need to have constant fuel access while for electric central heating you do not need to worry about pipelines or fuel supply.
  • Electric central heating systems might look convenient and easy but they impact the environment more severely as compared to gas central heating systems.
  • Maintenance of gas central heating system might give you problem because it is advised to change the boilers every five years and you need to be cautious of any risk of pipe leakage. The electric central heating system is not much big of an issue of maintenance.
  • Unlike electric heaters that store the energy and later emit it in heat form, the gas heaters are faster and provide a better response time.
  • Gas heaters do make some noises which might irritate you at night but electric heaters are free of such noises.
  • While there are many differences between these two systems, they work almost exactly the same by convection of heat throughout the whole surface.

Confused? After reading this electric central heating vs. gas central heating system, if you still can’t decide which is the best central heating system then don’t worry. There are so many minute details about these systems that will make you bite your nails off. The above section simply gives you a brief idea of what are the differences between them. Now, for your question about which is cheaper, so let’s have a good look at their details.

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Gas systems are cheaper

There’s a very good reason why most of the households have a gas central heating system. While gas heating systems might require a lot of other things along with it, they are much, much cheaper than that of electric heating systems. Where one unit of gas will cost you about 4p/kWh, a single unit of electricity costs about 15p/kWh which is almost three times more expensive from gas. So you see, the gas heating system is definitely cheaper.

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Installation of the systems

For installation of gas heating systems, it costs about £2000 to £3000. The installation process is a bit lengthy. It requires the installation of pipelines and proper insulation of the home as well as an access to the gas mainline or delivery gas services. Also, you always need to keep an eye on the pipelines for any signs of leakage.

The electric heating system installation process is quite simple and can be finished in a day. It costs about £1000 to £1500 depending on the manufactures. Yeah, so a cheaper installation might make your mind whirl and bend towards this option. But you must see how expensive it will be for the long haul.

The environmental consequences

Gas heating systems are a bit messy but every good thing comes with a certain price. There is a danger with the gas heating systems of toxic byproducts emission such as carbon monoxide. So it’s better to keep calling the plumber at regular intervals to check your pipelines and insulations.

The electric heating system is not as expedient as it seems. Electricity itself is produced from fossil fuels that of very a large proportion. There’s a vast amount of energy losses during the electricity production which creates a large footprint. Eventually causing more harm to the environment than the gas heating systems.

Before opting for any heating system, you must know all about electric central heating vs. gas central heating system. It’s not only about present but also about the future. So if you ask which is a better option, I would say go with the gas central heating system.