12 Heating Energy Savings Tips to Reduce Heating Bill in Winter

Who wants those skyrocketing electricity bills caused due to home heating? But because winters are at the door knocking, you simply can’t do away with them. What you can do is to put in efforts to make sure the bills don’t break your bank. Now, you might be wondering how such a thing could be possible. Well, with these Heating Energy Savings Tips to Reduce Heating Bill in Winter, you will definitely be able to cut down your electricity bills. So, what makes you wait? Read on-

Heating Energy Savings Tips to Reduce Heating Bill in Winter

Pay attention to the weather-stripping!

Weather-stripping present around windows and doors need to be in good shape. If they are worn and torn, they will allow cold air to come inside the house. According to a study, around 7 to 12 percent of heat loss occurs due to this reason. Hence, if you are looking for Heating Energy Savings Tips to Reduce Heating Bill in Winter, then this is the tip you should employ first.

Thresholds matter!

Door thresholds are something that needs to be paid special attention to if you want to save energy. Look at your front door, if you can see light along the lower edge of the door, then it’s likely that the door is not in contact with the threshold. Getting this flaw fixed will make sure the hot air you have paid for remains inside your house.

Plug the holes!

If you don’t want hot air to pass through and around the electrical boxes in the house, make sure they are well insulated. All the electrical boxes that are mounted on the exterior walls are extremely drafty. This causes a lot of heat loss. Fix this problem, to save a lot of energy.

Don’t allow easy escape!

Whether it is an electrical cable, a gas line or a pipe, if it has entered your house from outside, rest assured it has breaches around it, which lets the inside hot air go out. If you want to maintain the heat inside your house and save yourself from paying high electricity bills, then plug all such holes.

Space heater savior!

If you really want to save on energy then lower the temperature of the main heating system. Feeling cold already? Well, you can ask all the family members to gather inside a room. And to up the temperature of that room, you can use a space heater. The total electricity bills are still going to be low despite the use of the space heater.

Check the windows!

About 25 percent of heat loss occurs due to windows. That is why it’s important to seal them with plastic sheets. Apply this trick to your patio doors also. These thin transparent sheets will allow light to come inside the house checking the outflow of heat.

Block the chimney!

One of the biggest disadvantages of having a chimney at your house is that it acts as a vent for the heat inside the home. So, if you have a chimney, then just block it with an inflatable chimney balloon.

Culprit- the attic door!

Yes, your attic is well insulated, but is the attic door well insulated too? Well, a lot of heat inside the house escapes outside through the attic hatch. If you want this to stop, insulate the attic door in the best possible manner.

Faulty ductwork

Yes, there are many Heating Energy Savings Tips to Reduce Heating Bill in Winter, but being smart is the wisest tip. The ductwork of your heating system could also be the reason behind your growing electricity bills. So, just go ahead and do a check and figure out if there are holes, or breaks in the ducts or are there any poorly connected ducts. Once you find this out, you can take steps to seal them.

Go for tune-ups!

You can also go for a tune-up for your fireplace or furnace. Getting a tune-up done is not just important for the safety of your family but also for energy conservation. Yes, it’s going to cost you dearly but think about all the money that it will save you over the years by making your house energy efficient.

The wise move!

Invest in a programmable thermostat. These thermostats keep their temperatures low when you are sleeping or not at home. This is important because you cannot always hover around your heating system to keep it regulated.

Let the sun shine!

This is one of the easiest Heating Energy Savings Tips to Reduce Heating Bill in Winter. Just let the sun in during the daytime. Yes, it’s freezing cold outside, but if you draw curtains aside, you will still get some sun rays. These sun rays will heat up your home, even if minimally.

Eye-popping electricity bills will no more exist with these amazing Heating Energy Savings Tips to Reduce Heating Bill in Winter. All you need is to follow them religiously. Don’t let this winter take a toll on your account savings; minimize electricity consumption to expect a reasonable electricity bill.