Instant Actions To Make During Sudden Boiler Breakdown

Boilers are an important part of your house. And there is simply no denying this fact. But if you think it’s always an engineer that you are going to require to get your boiler fixed, then you can’t be more wrong. There are many glitches that can easily be corrected at home without professional intervention.

When you know what Instant Actions to make during sudden Boiler Breakdown, you don’t have to cope with a broken boiler for long. And you need not necessarily watch dirty dishes getting piled up in the sink, or get your skin burnt under a bitterly cold shower.

With the tips given below, you will be able to have your boiler up and running in no time, or at least, you will be able to make for alternative heating arrangements that will save you from getting frozen in the cold.

Instant Actions To Make During Sudden Boiler Breakdown

Before you delve any deeper into what Instant Actions to make during sudden Boiler Breakdown, let’s first learn a few survival tips on how to survive when your boiler goes out of order.

So, your central heating system has gone out of whack. Now, it’s not that you are missing only hot water on your tap, you are also feeling like you are standing outside in the cold, and not inside your house. This might make it extremely difficult for you to endure the cold weather. It’s that time when you realize well that it’s very difficult to deal with boiler breakdowns. The problems grow hundredfold when you have elderly people at home or someone with respiratory problems. For such people, the cold weather can be life-threatening. And, there is no reason why you should want your dear ones to get into trouble because of a broken boiler. That is the reason why you should have a keen interest in Instant Actions to make during sudden Boiler Breakdown.

Well, if you are interested, and you really need a way out then the first action that you should take is to shift! Yes, move to another property that has its boiler working fine. Maybe you can call up one of your relatives and go and stay at their place for a few days. You can also book a hotel for as long as your boiler doesn’t get repaired. Now, these are solutions that are easy to execute but may not always be feasible or affordable. So, you might be left with no other option but to stay at your own home with no heating facility in place.

Here is one of the best Instant Actions to make during sudden Boiler Breakdown, especially when you can’t shift to a hotel or a relative’s property.

  • When your boiler ceases to work, your first action should be to borrow or buy an alternative heating equipment. You can go for space heaters as well as radiators for this purpose. Yes, the prices of such equipment are higher than gas boilers but when your boiler has broken, you can’t think of money. After all, you don’t want to suffer due to cold. If your family has an elderly member or someone with some serious health condition then your local authority or NHS Trust should be able to help you out with some solution.

  • You can use properly serviced gas fires or log fires. But generally, it’s better to keep away from heating products that don’t run on electricity. Using outdoor gas burners and camping stoves inside your house can be riskier than you can imagine. Because these items release carbon monoxide, using them indoors is a totally bad idea. Outdoors, they don’t cause any harm though. Carbon monoxide poisoning can be extremely dangerous for health.

  • Use your cooking fuel to heat up some water, you can use this water to take bath or for fulfilling other personal requirements. This is one of the most workable and cost-effective Instant Actions to make during sudden Boiler Breakdown.

  • Wrap yourself up properly. Always use thermal undergarments and socks, and get inside as many layers of warm clothes as possible. When your house is extremely cold, you should always consider wearing an outdoor coat, a woolen hat and thick gloves to save yourself from the cold.  

  • Insulation in your house is also important. And leave no stone unturned in this respect. If you are using some equipment to heat up your interior space, make sure you have drawn the curtains to prevent the inside heat from escaping outside. You can reduce draughts by using masking tape or draught excluders.

Now, these are Instant Actions to make during sudden Boiler Breakdown, especially when you don’t know anything about the functionality of your boiler. But in case, you have got some idea about the same, you can handle the crisis in the following ways-

Check the basics first-

In case your meter is a prepayment one, check if there is enough credit. The next thing to check is that the other gas appliances at your home such as the cooker hob are working fine or if the switches in your fuse box have gone out of order.

Have you had a power cut recently?

If the answer to this question is ‘yes,’ then the time in your boiler’s timer must have been reset. If you reprogram it, the problem with your boiler might get solved. If you don’t know how to reset the timer, you can check the boiler’s user manual.Here are some tips why to upgrade your central heating system once a year.

Is the pressure gauge of your boiler working fine?

Check the pressure gauge of your boiler. If the reading says that the pressure is lower than one bar, then it’s low pressure that has caused your boiler to cease to function. To make it work again, top the pressure up yourself. If you want to know how to do it, follow the user manual or watch any ‘how to’ video on the internet.

Reset your room thermostat-

Sometimes having your room thermostat set lower than 21 degrees can be the root cause behind your boiler’s problem. Set it higher than 21 degrees and see, if the boiler works alright now.

Check the boiler’s setting-

Sometimes all a boiler needs to get up and running is a reset. So, try resetting it with the help of the instructions given in the user manual.

Aren’t these some really amazing and Instant Actions to make during sudden Boiler Breakdown? Yes, why not! So, don’t let yourself and your family suffer from the biting winter cold, and try out these solutions.

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